We seek to show the love of Christ so people can know the love of Christ.
Because we have been renewed by the grace and love of Christ, we seek to bring both physical and spiritual renewal to people in our city and around the world.
Our mission and vision stem from an understanding of and longing for God’s kingdom.  The Bible paints a picture of a created world that was very good.  Everything was good, and people’s relationship with God was close and perfect.  Then people rebelled against God, which caused destruction and chaos in His kingdom.   God the King could have abandoned his kingdom and his people, leaving them to die in the world they had ruined, but He chose to love them.  And He had a plan that culminates in Jesus Christ.  Not only does Christ reconcile this relationship between people and God, but he will restore all of creation to what it was originally intended to be.  That being said, people who have faith in Christ are living in a kingdom that has already been claimed for the King by Jesus Christ, but is still showing the effects of all the unfaithfulness and rebellion of people.  So we look around and we a see a world that is not how it’s supposed to be.  That’s where the church steps in.  Since we know that God will restore all of creation so it again perfectly represents his goodness, we as the church ought to be working to live that out.  It is the church’s responsibility to push back against the brokenness in the world, which is why we strive to fight against hunger, sickness, homelessness and other injustice, and seek to help the orphan, the widow, and the underserved; and of course point people to the One who will ultimately restore all things.